About Box of Visions

What’s a Box of Visions? A metaphor for a radio. Or a song. Or a delivery system for new, unusual, and imaginative music. Box of Visions is a one-hour weekly radio show with your host Mark Duggan. He mixes new releases and retro tracks to create a soundtrack that’s cinematic, stylish, mysterious, and sexy!

The Box has aired on public radio stations since 2014, including KSUT, KBUT, KDNK, and KSJD. It’s also on Radio Rethink’s Channel One and archived on Mixcloud.

The Box fits into your programming

Box of Visions is free to community and public radio stations and fits perfectly into your diverse music lineup. It complements eclectic block programming, AAA, and Music Discovery formats. 

Program facts

• 58:00 program run time
• Floating 59-second break between 25:00 and 35:00 (with optional music bed)
• Weekly episodic promo
• Custom promos with your station’s branding available
• New episodes available weekly on PRX by 12:00 p.m. MT Tuesdays
• Program descriptions and logo art available for your website and social
• Program music is SoundExchange compliant

Ready to add Box of Visions?

CONTACT: Mark Duggan: mark@boxvisions.com | (970) 769-1100

DISTRIBUTION: boxofvisions.com/prx

WEBSITE: boxofvisions.com | ARCHIVE: boxofvisions.com/mixcloud

Box of Visions plays

• Electro-pop
Downtempo groove
• Art rock
 … And more

About your host

Mark has been a public radio DJ and program director since 1990. He’s programmed AAA, eclectic, and jazz formats. He also created The Night Blend, a self-contained, automated Music Discovery format for KSUT Public Radio.

Today he collects music, tech, and art from his home near Boulder, Colorado.
More info: https://markduggan.net/