Box of Visions

A weekly radio and online show
hosted by Mark Duggan.

The Box is a program of new, unusual,
and imaginative music.
It’s cinematic, stylish, mysterious, and sexy!

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Latest Episode

Release date: 22 March 2023

jazz visions

Expanding the sonic palette of jazz with adventurous explorations and nods to tradition.

About your host

Mark Duggan has been a public radio DJ and program director since 1990. He’s produced eclectic, jazz, world, electronic, and classical music shows for community stations, NPR affiliates, and streaming outlets. He also created “The Night Blend,” a self-contained, automated Music Discovery format for KSUT Public Radio.

Today he collects music, art, books, and tea from his home near Boulder, Colorado.

About the show

What’s a Box of Visions? A metaphor for a radio. Or a song. Or a delivery system for good music.

Box of Visions has aired on public and community radio stations since 2014. Each episode is 59 minutes. It fits seamlessly into eclectic, AAA, and Music Discovery formats.

where to listen

KSUT Four Corners Public Radio
Saturdays at 3 PM MT

Channel One (Radio Rethink)
Mondays at 7 PM MT

andHow.FM (New Zealand)
Tuesdays at 11 PM
Thursdays at 7 PM MT

LPMx (Longmont Public Media)
Fridays at 5:30 PM MT

Electromagnetic Radio
Saturdays at 7 PM MT
Wednesdays at 10 AM MT

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